About Us

International Association of Foundation Contractors / IAFC

The International Association of Foundation Contractors /IAFC/  is created in order to provide the networking and knowledge sharing opportunities to our members.

IAFC’s mission is to advance modern foundation technologies via close relationship between producers, suppliers, customers, regulation institutes, government organizations and agencies in Russia and other countries.  IAFC represents  contractors, suppliers of equipment and services, consultants, research and planning Institutes  who operate in the oil industry,  energy sector, road building, hydraulic construction,  tunnel and bridge construction, railroad construction.

IAFC provides with information about latest news, up-to-date commercial information (tenders)  and up-coming industry events. We also hold the topical conferences, seminars and training courses to increase knowledge and skills of all our members.

IAFC’s services

IAFC offers various services for members to their benefits:

  • Weekly news digests;
  • Daily survey of  tenders, connected with foundation technologies, construction and building;
  • Members catalogue with contact information on www.fc-union.com;
  • Conferences, seminars, forums and presentations related to foundation technologies;
  • Market researches and surveys;
  • Consultations with technical experts;
  • Search for potential business partners for joint ventures and maintenance of commercial initiatives;
  • Business meetings and trips: arrange and support.